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Carla Fernandez bio sheet
January 28, 2009, 10:57 pm
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carla-fernandez biography

We’re putting together this bio sheet about Carla Fernandez which we will update as new information is forthcoming. If you wish to add to the bio then we will need absolute proof that the information you are providing is genuine.


69 Belgium
September 11, 2007, 11:52 am
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Carla Fernandez 69 mag

Carla Fernadez Cover Girl

This magazine was printed as a hardcore magazine in its native country of Belgium, who may I add are not famous for magazines of any type, however they make great beer! Anyway, at the time NTS a British magazine distributor use to take the full stable of titles from CPC the Belgium publisher and censor the hardcore bits and then put them on sale in UK newsagents.

This copy of 69 is an original uncensored version from Belgium but before you reach for your wallet let me tell you that although the magazine is uncensored and contains hardcore, you only get softcore of Carla Fernandez. Carla is dressed as you see her on the cover although the red dress does not take up much of the space it’s really the black basque that’s she’s wearing underneath which is the main prop.

Legs open, part shaved and good grain to the pictures adds clarity. They’ve called her Amanda, there’s eight pages, no photographer credits and no pink.

Lovers of Carla must see the photo sets taken of her by the legendary photographer Joanie Allum who now has started her own site.

Razzle V11 No9
September 11, 2007, 11:42 am
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Carla Fernandez Razzle

Carla Fernandez Cover Insert.

You’re never going to be disappointed when you purchase a copy of Razzle magazine from this era. You can see this magazine come into its own from volume 9 and lose its way mid way through volume 15.

Here volume 11 which is from 1993 has a small picture of Carla on the cover in a yellow tutu but inside you’ve not only got the ‘romp’ photoshoot you’ve got another set too of Miss Fernandez!

Carla appears with her friends in the Razzle Romp for this month entitled, Tu Tu Horny!

Five girls are in the Romp and they are: Tracy Gibb, Shanine Linton, Carla Fernandez, Emma Ceasari and busty Diana Wynn.

All the girls are wearing ballet tutu’s Tracy’s is blue, Shanine’s Green, Carla’s yellow, Emma’s red and Diana’s pink.

The romp takes place over six pages with 15 different pages all the shots show the girls frolicking and Shanine actually does the splits!

Further on inside the magazine we’ve got Dirty Deidre’s diary which once again has Carla who this time dressed in black pvc puts her back to the camera and gives a lucky bloke head. Unfortunately for Carla, George the lucky bloke she’s just sucked off as a girlfriend in the shape of Samantha Jane Homden who enters the scene and both girls start fighting.

Returning now to the front of the magazine we’ve got Lizzie’s diary which was a regular Razzle feature throughout this time period. Lizzie being Nicky Berry who might I add is no stranger to hardcore, ends up with a new job as a sex toy tester so you can sort of figure out from that the theme of this months diary entry.

Every now and then Razzle surprised you by slotting a pictorial in the mag that was not their normal genre. Here they’ve given over 4 pages to big tit star Letha Weapons who looks super with blonde hair, purple bra and multi coloured panties that contrast against her shocking pink suspender belt. If you like Letha then you’re going to have to look hard to find some sexier shots AND bear in mind these shots are soft only.

Near the back we’ve got a second helping of Shanine described as being 21 years old and hailing from Colchester. Although Razzle don’t give to many pages over to each girl, in this case its four, they do get the shots bang off. Shanine in this set is wearing a gray body which comes of to reveal a very nicely preened pussy.

Shaved Snizz
September 11, 2007, 11:16 am
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Carla Fernandez Shaved Snizz

Carla Fernandez NO cover

As the name suggests the special issue title from the American publishers of Genesis is all about girls who shave their pussy hair. With that in mind let’s go straight to the mid section of the mag and take a look at Carla’s photo set. Straight off I’m going to tell you that if you are a collector of Carla’s photo sets you need this magazine. The shots are clear, bright and she looks great.

In the set she’s called Talisa, there’s 8 pages and 17 seperate pictures but no credit for the photographer.

Dressed in a red and black bustier which is like a bra but with a deep band under the cups, matching panties, black hold up stockings and black heels.

With the little pussy hair she has at the start of the set its all covered in shaving foam and the set takes you through from beginning to end until she’s totally denude of hair and to prove the point a nice wide pink shot proves the point.